Pope Francis in Philly: Day 1 / by Lexy Pierce

I had been looking forward to the Pope's visit for the past few months and it was everything I had hoped for and more. As someone who doesn't own a car and had nowhere important to be this weekend I knew I couldn't leave and miss my city's historic event. I stocked my fridge and braced myself for any overwhelming crowds, knowing I could always retreat home to my couch and binge on Netflix if things were a mess. But lo and behold, everything was awesome! As soon as I left my apartment on Saturday morning I couldn't stop smiling and saying hi to fellow pedestrians or cyclists in the streets. Thanks to all the people who left town those of us who did stay had that "oh you're here too!" attitude. I walked from my apartment in Old City down to South Street, up and over to Walnut and Broad, headed back home, then back out to Walnut and Broad and onto the Parkway. After waiting an hour and a half I caught a great shot of the Pope and lingered for some of the performances. I walked the 2 miles home from the Parkway completely exhausted but completely excited to do it all over again on Sunday. Some of my favorite photos from day 1: 

I caught Pope Francis as he came down the Parkway and greeted the excited crowds